Hello there

I’m Kat.  Pure Peace Crochet was named after me (Katrina means “Pure” and my surname means “Peace”).  As you get  to know me you will know how funny that is!

I am a stay-home-mum, who stays at home to run a business that has absolutely nothing to do with crochet, craft or design.  Our family lives in Auckland New Zealand.

I grew up watching my mum make incredible sewing creations; from clothes to quilts, pictures to miniatures.  I tried desperately to follow her instructions for knitting, but alas it was no use.

Until I picked up a crochet hook in Term 4 of 2016 and set myself the target of crocheting a baby blanked for Miss Ballets ballet teacher who was expecting her first bubs.  And something clicked.

So, you can follow my mistakes and works of wonder, give me encouragement and words of wisdom.  I’d love to get involved with your projects and trade ideas from around the world.

Come say “hi”!

A vision of Pure Peace!

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