The Celtic Hat

This is a hat of three cities.  Well, two cities and one town really!  And neither of them Celtic by any stretch of the imagination!

The Celtic Hat

This hat started off being made in Paraparaumu (go on, I dare you to say it out loud!), which is just north of Wellington New Zealand in a district called Kapiti (which makes yum ice cream!).  It was finished in Auckland New Zealand and then sent back down to Wellington for Sue.

You see, Sue sat there when I started the hat (whilst all the others where having a water fight outside we sought sanctuary in the dining hall!) and innocently mentioned how the beautiful moss green was her favourite colour.

So it had to be for Sue really!


The hat started in the usual way – 12 treble crochets (doubles if you are in the USA) in to a magic ring then increasing the stitches to the correct diameter.

My usual way to increase is to have 12 (or what ever stitches) to start, then working two stitches in to each of these 12 (24), then one stitch in to one and two into the next, repeat this all the way around (36), then one stitch in to each of next two, and two in to the next, repeat (48) etc etc.  You get the point.

With this hat I worked the stitches in to the front loop only to end up with this nice ridge pattern going around the top.  I wish I had done it on all of them but since I was making it all up as I went along …

After I got to the right diameter I worked two front post double treble crochets (fpdtr) followed by two back post double treble crochets (bpdtr).  All the way around.  After two rows of this I made a cross-over with the post stitches by working the fpdtr into the fpdtr ahead and then worked the one ahead in to the one behind.  Silly me … no photo!

You can see the post details in this photo

To get the ribbon through I switched to two fpdtr followed by two chain stitches instead of the bpdtr for one row.  I did this on a cross over row.

When all was done I crocheted a ribbon in this lovely heather purple (or hebe purple) which was six dc wide and threaded it through the gaps left by the chain stitches.


I made a lovely wee double petal flower to go over the top of the join.


And then took some lovely pictures before sending it south to Wellington.



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