Fashionable Star Trek Cloche Hat

I had a great time preparing for our annual gift giving this year.  One of my favourites was this hat and glove set that I made for Miss Ballerina.  Being the eldest off-spring of two ageing Trekkies, she has taken on the obsession for the next generation (get it?!).


I wanted to make her a Star Trek hat, but more than just a plain beanie, I wanted something that had a bit more style to it.  After all, she is 11 now.


So I used a lovely cloche design hat that I found in a book.  It uses a split-shell design, which you can just about make out here.  Of course it had to be made in Command colours.  The black band is also part of the Star Trek Uniform.


Instead of a button or flower embellishment, it had to be a Federation logo (again with the Command emblem!).  After all she thinks she is in charge most of the time!


The gloves (modeled by yours truly) were a design I found via Pinterest on Susies Yarnie Stuff.  It worked really well.  I just changed colours as you can see 🙂


And they became the favourite pressy this year.  YAY.  Go mum!


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