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You are my sunshine

img_20161222_091109981-01Here in New Zealand it is summer (oh yeah!).  Not exactly the right season for crocheting beanies, but hey-ho!

A friend of a friend has just had her second wee boy.  In my books this justifies a … new bubs beanie!  I was rather happy that my friend agreed, and settled down to design a little baby boy beanie.

Since it is summer I thought a sunshine pattern would be lovely.  But, alas, I couldn’t find any patterns around.

So out came the stitch bible and the imagination!  The result … “You are my sunshine” (with or without little fluffy clouds!).


You just can’t go wrong with bright summery colours like these!

You Are My Sunshine

This pattern works for any size, premie / newborn / baby / child … hey, even adult!  The sunshine pattern is the crucial bit and then you just keep increasing and adding (or not) little fluffy clouds) as you go on.

ch = chain; sl st = slip stich; dc = double crochet (single US); htr = half treble (half double US); tr = treble (double crochet US)

I used 10 ply yarn (light worsted) with a 4.0mm hook for a newborn – 3 month size.

In a vibrant rich sunshine yellow start with 5ch and join to a round with a sl st.

  • R1: Chain 1, 10dc in to ring sl st to 1ch
  • R2: Chain 1, 1dc in each dc, sl st to 1ch
  •  R3: Chain 2 (counts as first htr), miss first dc stitch then 2htr in each dc for next 9 stitches.  Finish with 1htr in first dc.  Sl st to 2nd of 2ch
  • R4: *2ch,( work in front loop only of each htr). 2htr in next htr, 2 tr in next htr, 2 htr in next htr, 2ch, sl into next htr* repeat so there are 5 rays of sunshine.  Tie off yellow and weave in ends.


Now change colour to blue

  • R5: Working in to back loop only of htr, underneath the rays of sunshine you have just made, ch3, (counts as first htr) 1tr in base of chain *1 tr in next st, 2tr in next st* repeat around and join with sl st in 3rd of chain 3.
  • R6: ch3, (counts as first htr) 1tr in base of chain *1 tr in next 2st, 2tr in next st* repeat around and join with sl st in 3rd of chain 3.


Repeat increases as you need to reach the desired circumference.

Little fluffy clouds

You can randomly add little fluffy clouds.  They are worked over 2 rows, and are sooooooo simple.  Just join in a white yarn and 5tr before changing to blue.  Continue the rest of the row in blue.  Start the next row in blue and when you get to the cloud on the row below, again change to white and 5tr before changing back to blue again.


I stitched down the middle of the rays of sunshine so they didn’t pop up so much.

Feel free to make & share but remember who designed it xxxx

Enjoy your little ray of sunshine!


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