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What to do next? A summer project

I have had great fun over the past 10 weeks.  Here is a list of what I have crocheted …

  1. lots of little squares / odd shapes to learn different stitches
  2. A beautiful shell pattern baby blanket for the ballet teachers’ new baby15027747_10154727222646967_5363063396800445604_n
  3. Lots of little flowers that have ended up on hair clips, scarfs and skirts
  4. Hats – from manly to superhero & Star Trek to girly
  5. Winter warmer pressies for my mum and dad (they live in Scotland and need all the warmth they can get!)
  6. Owls.  Lots of cute we owls for end of school pressies / school fair.  I found this simple and oh-so-cute pattern from K Hook Creations

And now I am at a loss for what to do next.

Over Christmas we go to our church camp for 10 days.  With free time in the afternoon and not being one for board games, I need a crochet project to keep me going.

So what’s it to be?

Ravelry of course has 1000’s of ideas, as does my beloved Pinterest.  I would love to do a pineapple shawl like this one from Justine Kacprzak,


or maybe this hippy / gypsy looking wall hanging from the Lazy Hobbyhopper.


So, folks, I really need some ideas … before Friday would be good!

Have a great holiday


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