The slouchy flower hat (Miss Evie)

Last night I took a break from the superhero hats and decided to do something very cute and girly instead.


This is the superman hat … although next time I think I will do the black spider web as white (as pointed out by Miss Ballet)

After a few false starts this is the result.


A beautiful slouch / beret style flower hat perfect for a princess.

And the most amazing thing … I designed the hat pattern myself! (not bad for someone who first picked up a crochet hook about 2 months ago!)


I recently got a LOVELY, AMAZING, FANTASTIC book from the library: Ultimate Crochet Stitch Bible by Collins & Brown.  Which I might even have to buy rather than keep renewing from the library!

I used their “Floribunda” design as basis for the centre flower and then worked the rest out as I went along!


I finished it off with a cute wee loop edging.


But I think the flower in the top is the cutest.

And the best thing is that when I came to finish it this morning I remembered all the stitches so I could write down how I did it 🙂 in adult and child sizes too.  I still haven’t made myself a hat you see!



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